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DAVID JURITZ - concertmaster of the London Mozart Players.

"When I commissioned my violin from Brian Lisus we spent some time talking about what I was looking for in an instrument. As I expected of a superb craftsman, he has produced a fiddle that is easy on the eye as well as being most rewarding to play. "

ROBYN GLASSON - Principal Viola San Diego Chamber Orchestra.

"My Lisus viola named 'Ubuntu' is a pleasure to play as it presents me with a wide variety of tone colors to choose from for the various settings I find myself in - orchestral, chamber and solo. "

JESSICA BAILEY cello Evolution of 4 (Student of Pierre Fournier)

This is so truly inspiring for me and what an extraordinary and exciting journey it will be for me now to bring life to this magnificent being. I am deeply moved and feel truly blessed to take on this instrument. I thank you with all my heart and hope to do it justice.

Making a String Quartet - Video

from the first shaving to the the inaugural concerts.

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Brian Lisus Violins -- 3365 Thacher road, Ojai, California  

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