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Silhouette of Elephant
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This book had me from page one! 


This book had me from page one!
It is a gripping tale of a struggling artist, a violin maker, and his many escapades following his calling in life.

A lesson in perseverance portrayed by the highs and lows of the life so typical of an artist.
I learnt so much about his craft of violin making and cannot wait to complement this by the audio version. This version has the instruments made by the author making the incredible sounds of music that were carved with this unique talent of making wood sing !

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Serious, playful, warm and deep - with richly recorded beautiful music!

The Ojai Bubble

This audio book that mixes autobiography with some charming fiction and wonderful music played on instruments made by the author is a heartfelt and original spiritual journey!


Dr. Frankie Timmers - Spiritual Director

I was captivated from the first words...What a lovely surprise of a book! My favorite chapter is Chapter 14.... it had inspiration I need just that day!!

This book has many layers about the human experience and a lot of 'magic'. It left me touched and inspired. Keep on writing, have a gift!! Besides making beautiful instruments :-)

Beautifully written


Simple clarity;
I was sorry it ended.
The crossing of worlds and continents.
The sensitivity to music;
So quirky and yet so normal

Amazing and insightful!!

Patricia Ponce

This well written book describes a journey out of despair and darkness into acceptance and love. A journey of insight and transformation. A joy to read!!

If streaming on an app, set your
audio quality to the highest setting
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Goose bumps!

Bonnie Sullivan

It is difficult for me to understand how a person who is not a seasoned writer could accomplish such an enlightening, heartfelt, interesting piece. I could not put this book down until I finished, rare for me. Oh my goodness! And the last chapter, 'Seeds of Delight'...... felt like it was written especially for me. Many things have become easier for me!!! Thank you Brian

The book is So worth it!

Donve Lee

The Morning Light never passes us by' is a uniquely magical audiobook. Violin maker Brian Lisus gifts us with an autobiographical yet allegorical tale about searching for wholeness in a broken world, and ultimately embracing it through the process of lovingly crafting musical instruments. The chapters are interspersed with gorgeous pieces of music played on instruments created in Brian's studio in Ojai, California. 

The writing is exquisitely poetic. I closed my eyes and let the words and music sink into me and fill me up. Afterwards I wanted to savour the language some more so I read the Kindle version. The book spoke to me on many levels, and made me think of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. Perhaps the message that resonated most was that the authentic artist/craftsperson is essentially a conduit for something greater, a drop in a vast ocean of a creative energy. I myself feel most in tune with my higher self when my creative work is flowing.


This book is a powerful reminder to me that when I'm feeling lost and alone, I can find solace in my art. I was entranced.  Give yourself a treat.

Michele A Berson

I downloaded and listened to this story slowly. Savoring it as a piece of good chocolate that I wanted to last forever.


In today's ever changing and sometimes trying world it helps to listen to an amazing story that helps us slow down and remember the wonderful opportunities we have - even if they may not always feel this way. I loved the book and highly recommend you take a listen.

An intriguing journey, an unfolding transformation, an awakening within...

Rev.Teri Kierbel

An intriguing journey, an unfolding transformation, an awakening within - this is a compelling story written from the heart by a soul-searching man of true substance. The threads of consciousness woven through this story draw me in.


The author is enlightened. I am nudged to reflect on my own ways of moving about my world as I am lost in the story's tale. I find The Morning Light to be courageously honest and compelling. I want more. The author's way with words are impassioned and stirring. I was transported to another time and place. This book not only touched my heart but my soul.


I highly recommend it to anyone in search of inspiration. Thank you for offering this gentle challenge to Love's Peace, Brian.

Every now and then a book comes along that is so beautiful in language ...

Elizabeth Rose from the prominent blog: I'VE JUST GOTTA SAY THIS  

and imagery that you find yourself slowing down over words and sentences to savor the rhythm and tone that runs across the page. Such is the case with The Morning Light never passes us by.

Brian Lisus is a first time author, but he is certainly not a first time artist. He decided to write this incredible novel after hearing an audio book and immediately visualizing his own story set against the beautiful classical music that his instruments create. You see, Brian is a violin maker. And he takes his journey into his craft and weaves it within a story about a man on his journey into his life.

This book is special. There is nothing like it out there. It is rare in its story and symbolic in its message and rich with music. Truly, it is one of the most beautiful books I have read in a very long time!

Silhouette of Elephant
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Our Higher Spirit Is Always With Us

Marguerite Lambrinos

What an amazing book by someone who has never written a book or even imagined writing one, but then Brian Lisus is such a creative soul and in a burst of inspiration wrote this one and I am glad he did. This book is more than just of a description of his unique process of making violins with his own hands and in accordance with his “Lisus Technique” that comes from what feels right at his core. It’s also about how to make a living creating art and how to follow your dream at the same time. And are the two things congruent?

On a deeper level I see this story showing that we humans are all connected. There is no division or separation be it racial, economic or religious or political. Those are labels that we think divide us especially now in the present time in our society. Life is about the dreams we pursue, no matter the path and the detours we take. But it’s also about the connections we make with others along the way and the joy we feel when see ourselves in the “other” person.

And lastly if I wanted to make a violin I’m pretty sure he could teach me.
And if I wanted to buy a violin it would be an honor to purchase one made by Brian because I would know that all of his love of the wood and the tree the wood came from and all of his hands and heart would be in it.
Read this book!

A life story with a difference - enjoyable read.

glynn graham

This is just the sort of book I like: the story of a striving individual and how the adventures of a life lived and experienced unfold; the story of an artist and the struggle to ply his craft with integrity and reverence; the story of love in its many guises. All these stories woven together by a heart seeking meaning.

I loved reading about the signposts of destiny that lead the author to becoming a violin maker. I especially enjoyed the chapters describing the art of making a violin and the image of transforming the life giving tree into life enhancing music...and the funny stories around concocting varnish in an authentic 17th century manner.

Honest and poignant

Harlan V. Demuth Jr

Brian’s factionalized telling of events in his life allows the reader to share a moving spiritual and professional journey, steeped in the experience of cultural diaspora, violin woodworking and spirituality.

The illusion of life's circumstances and let go into Love. He speaks of human awakening and the universal ...

Cynthia W. Bangs

This book is a rare find written by a rare person - a violin maker artist who explores via story what it means to wake up to the illusion of life's circumstances and let go into Love. He speaks of human awakening and the universal God we all share.


His story will lead you down wandering delights as he sheds light on the human condition. A page turner for sure, it reads well, and will keep you engrossed till the end. I found it a fulfilling getaway from my own anxieties in life. In the reading, I was able to soften the edges of my own personal circumstances and conundrums.

Creativity is a gift which sparkles along bursts of energy ...

Gordana Traykovska 


building, organizing, inventing, (self)-searching, experimenting, exploring, discovering, realizing, …………and eventually sharing with the world. This time, when setting on his creative journey the author wasn’t facing a blank wood plank but a blank page to venture his writing journey along with his self-searching adventure.

This charming book is the result of his venture. I am not a literary critic, neither I am versed into techniques of literature, but I have read plenty i.e. enough books of wisdom, to feel confident to comment on the lines of wisdom imbued in this book. Although, much of it is known to me, I enjoyed to read it through his perspective, simply because I like to perceive the world through as many perceptive as possible (which is why I am an avid reader).

The author has managed to put the right doses of wisdom into the right places of the story so that the lines do not sound like some kind of preaching. It seems to me, that he succeeded to achieve this because he maintained his sincerity while navigating through the story, - he didn’t slip into the common trap to be likable to the public at the cost of his sincerity. The way, he has constructed the story allows the story-line to be freely developed in different directions…


The author is right when saying that writing down personal thoughts experiences, dilemmas…. Is a great healing tool. And it is undoubtedly an inspiring tool – it is for me, so thank you, Brian, for sharing it.

... intimate life story is skillfully written for anyone to enjoy and relate to as a human and spiritual journey

Stephen J. Kelley

This very intimate life story is skillfully written for anyone to enjoy and relate to as a human and spiritual journey. The turmoil of change in South Africa and the similar turmoil in Israel are the canvas.

The commitment to the craft of great violin making throughout life's challenges is very impressive. I envy anyone who plays a beautiful Lisus instrument!

This book was easy to read and Brian uses his words to describe ...

Robin R. Villa

This book was easy to read and Brian uses his words to describe things very well. I could see everything in my mind's eye. I had a hard time putting it down. I even cried in one part and I can't say where or it will give part of the story away. I would recommend this book to all my friends.

A lovely story

Kind Woman

This is a delightful book, a wonderful journey through the human experience.
For a first time author, he has an excellent way with words.
I loved it. I am looking forward to the audio book with the beautiful music included.

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