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Quartet of Hope - Inaugural Concert Ojai April 2024

“Today, I had the great pleasure to try out the string Quartet of Hope, built for the ROME Foundation Göttingen, which was played by our student's ensemble the Parakosmos Quartet and myself. As repeated Juror of the Mittenwald Violin Making Competition I have always taken a keen interest in modern instruments of which I have had countless encounters with in the past. These instruments of Brian Lisus are extremely beautiful with very fine workmanship and are complimentary to each other.


When the quartet played a very homogenous, simultaneously transparent sound emanated, with a very appealing texture, a warm, somewhat “gedackt” color, that was nevertheless lying on a profound substance and seemingly had an enormous carrying power and projection. 


I am keen to accompany these fine instruments on their way.”

Professor Tim Vogler – Head of the university’s Chamber Music Program

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